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Nov 2019, Original story: Trigger is a 4-1/2 yr old male advertised online for sale because of a move. He had a missing toe on front foot due to a birth defect, chases shadows/flies, needs work on recall, very snuggly when not chasing squirrels; loves doggie daycare. Good with most dogs and okay with cats. He's a small male at 45-lbs and the missing toe doesn't slow him down much. He is very sweet and is now housebroken. We haven't really tested him off leash because he barely comes to call in the yard so he will need work on that... although he seems to respond to a whistle so he might have been in the field (not sure). He loves people but he loves chasing squirrels more. His original owner rehomed him due to a move. He reportedly lived with 2 other dogs as well as human toddlers. In his first foster home he didn't get along with a 4-yr old intact male vizsla but he's fine with my 3-yr old neutered male although he would rather chase squirrels than play with dogs. He's like a blank slate with no manners... pulls on leash, counter cruises, jumps on people.... but is great with all handling, nail trims and very well crate trained.

Jan 2019: Trigger found his forever home and the new name of Ziggy to go with it! Tim & Peg drove all the way from Salmon ID days before Christmas to meet their new boy. They live on acreage in rural Idaho backing up to BLM land and a special place in their hearts for special needs and senior pointers. He spends his days hiking and photographing Idaho's special beauty and soaking up the sun on winter days.

Apr 2019: Hi Penny - thought we'd give you a new update on Ziggy. Attached are a couple photos including one of his paw. We found out that he is allergic to lots of things: corn, wheat, barley, rice, peas, cat, dust mites, ragweed, etc. After a lot of trial and error we found some dry food that he can eat without reaction. We also started an immunotherapy program that will hopefully alleviate the environmental allergies after months of treatment. He's responding well to the treatment and new food (reduced itching and not much fly biting anymore). He and Peg walk about 3.5 miles everyday and his paw is holding up well except when he plays too hard with dog visitors. All well here - hope you guys are too.

Dec 16, 2019, Tim writes: Hi Penny - tomorrow is Ziggy's birthday. He's been with us for a year! We love him so much. He's a loving dog who likes to have fun. We always thank you for giving him a good start. Have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! (new picture added)

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