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Oct 2016: Zeus was owner surrendered at 12-mos old. We found him to have an incredibly nice temperament and pretty good manners for a vizsla puppy who wasn't wanted. A puppy was the farthest thing from Penny's mind after recently losing senior Vs Bodie & Addie but Zeus knew exactly which buttons to push. He was already wiggling his way into our hearts when he suffered a broken pelvis on July 4th and after 12 weeks of rehab there was no letting him go. For those wondering how he "got broken", he fell out of the car window when he stepped on the automatic window and it went all the way down going around a curve. There were plates glued over the window buttons but after several years the glue failed and it was a terrible accident waiting to happen. Please learn from our mistake and remember to use the child lock on those windows always! During the x-ray for the broken pelvis we discovered he had a pellet in his groin so we were doubly surprised... and very pleased... to find he was not gun shy and he is enjoying the October pheasant hunting season with his dog buddy, Abby. Thanks to the wonderful drs at WestVet Zeus is off and running full speed ahead with some new hardware in his hip.

Zeus' best dog buddy is a 10-yr old lab/doodle who thinks he's a bit of a pest but Abby puts up with him and even tolerates his insistance on sleeping next to her. He clearly was raised with other dogs and can't understand why anyone would not want to have him snuggling next to them. Abby is showing him around the southwest Idaho pheasant country and teaching him that guns mean birds and hunting fun!

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