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Zack was a 9 yo male who came from a local shelter as a stray. He was fostered by the Schmidt family who loved him, took him on great romps in the park, tried to work with his issues, and in the end released Zack from his pain. It is not often that you find a family who is this committed to helping a dog that someone else threw away. Zack probably had back problems, but you would never know when he was in his happy place running and playing. He loved to cuddle and loved to be with dad on walks. Zack also had a dark side that came from pain, guarding, and fear. His family loved him in spite of this but knew that his time had come and they surrounded him with love as he passed. We can never express our deep sense of loss for one with us such a short time. Fly in the fields, hunt with Frank, and wait for us all Zack.

Jun 2011: Visit Zack at The Bridge.

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