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Keno is a 9-12 mo old female V mix. Our guess is V/choc lab but we expect her to be V size at 22-23 inches and 40-45 lbs. She has a double lab coat, longer hair than a V but shorter than a lab. In some of the photos you can see her red stripe down her back, she has a natural tail and dew claws still on. She is a very sweet dog who is in foster care with older kids. She is high energy and while she takes some time to warm up to other dogs she is a playing fool once she is comfortable. She needs obedience classes for all basic commands but has house trained easily with doggie door access. She is crated when no one is home and settles down nicely once in the crate.

Oct 2004: Keno got a new home and name. She is going to be best pals to Frank and Silvia. She will not have to spend much time alone and gets to visit grandma and grandpa, who live right across the street, when they have to be gone for long periods. Frank reports that she has settled in well, loves to play in the yard and is friends with all she meets. Enjoy this girl who thinks the world is out to meet her!

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