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In January 2008 Mack & Jack were turned in at 7-mos to a WY all-breed rescue group by a breeder who was unable to sell them. They were b. 6/16/2007 with an AKC birth certificate (sire: Gunnar The Bird Dog Thompson; dam: Daisy Mae Rebel Rouser). Thankfully they were not quite as unsocialized as we expected and despite some touch & go last minute transport changes they finally arrived safely in Pinedale WY where Sue got them started on crate training, house breaking and basic puppy manners. It didn't long to figure out that two 8-mo old littermates were going to be more than a handful and in February Mack came to Boise for foster care. Mack settled in quickly to the routine and Luka & Bailey were delighted to have a high energy play buddy. Mack was a little shy at first meeting with people but quickly developed a fan base at the doggie day care and learned that new things were usually FUN. Jack had a little set back when he, unfortunately, ate something that caused an intestinal blockage which required major surgery but he came through like a trooper and was soon on his way to recovery and back to his puppy antics. With Sue going out of town Jack was moved to foster care in Bozeman MT where he, like his brother Mack in ID, quickly won the hearts of his foster family with his friendly outgoing personality.

Mar 2008: Jack proved to be just a little too much fun for his new foster mom & dad and after a few weeks in foster care they popped the big question.... can we keep him? Well of course.... on the condition that they would still be willing to foster other dogs on occasion. So Jack joined Kobe, Jacy & Jasper as the newest member of Laurie & Fred's canine crew and got a new name of Wylie to go along with his new start in life. He will no doubt get to try his paw at agility as Laurie is a big agility participant and just about anything else that's fun to do with dogs.

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