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Mar 2011: In early Feb 2011 we were contacted by a local shelter to ask if we could take an 8-wk old gsp puppy. The 8-wk old puppy turned out to be closer to 5 weeks and was not even eating solid food. Thanks to Ty & Leah, "Dutch" got his chance to grow into that 8-wk old puppy and on to a full and active life. It was touch and go for a while as he as much too young to be away from his mother and he reacted badly to his initial puppy vaccines but with expert foster care he pulled through.

Mar 2011: One rainy spring weekend Mike met Penny in Juntura OR aka the middle of nowhere to take hom his new best friend. Mike had vizslas previously and said he was up for the challenge of raising a gsp pup. We believed him and off Dutch went to his new life with the new name of Woody.

Jun 2011: Mike & Woody moved to northern NV where Mike reports Woody is growing into a healthy happy young shorthair. Mike reports: We are both doing great. He goes a lap or two around the marina with the bike and plays at the water dog park both twice a day. We have some fun. I'll send some video of him doing tricks and playing. Thanks again!

Aug 2011, Mike writes: He is doing great! We are still having so much fun. He is a great swimmer. Thank you so much.

Jan 15, 2012, Mike writes: This day is my estimated birthday for Woody. I wanted to let you know we are doing great out here in Sparks NV. We go play in Lake Tahoe, both snow and water. He is a great pup and I couldn't be happier. We go on daily hiking adventures in the hills and mountains. He stays near by while running everywhere. Thanks again. I hope this note finds you well. Happy New Year!

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