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Original story, Oct 2011: Winston is a six year old purebred neutered male. He was surrendered by his previous owners to a shelter in Tucson AZ. Winston has been living in his foster home in Peoria AZ since November 2010 with another female Vizsla. Winston is a very social and loving boy, and gets along very well with other dogs. He likes to fetch his frisbee, although he only catches it about half the time. Winston loves rides in the car, and enjoys going for runs in the park and hikes on the trail. Although Winston is a very active Vizsla, he is also content to lay around in the house or in the yard sun bathing. Winston is very good about getting bathed, having his nails trimmed, and having his teeth brushed. He loves affection and will seek you out for it. Winston will give you quite a reception when you come home, and he rarely ever barks.

Winston his house trained but does not like being crated. He is on medication for his thyroid, and is in the final stages of recovery from a bout with valley fever. Winston does not react well to thunderstorms. He is afraid of thunder, fireworks and loud storms, and will come running to you for comfort and security. Winston does well being left alone for several hours at a time, but gets upset if left alone when there is a thunderstorm. Winston is a wonderful and loving boy. He just needs a home where he can be with someone who can comfort him when there are active storms in the area.

Jan 2012: Winston stopped looking for a home as soon as he arrived in foster care. He loves his V sister and his human family. Winnie loves to play fetch and do long distance runs. He has recovered well from his Valley Fever but still have issues with thunder phobia and a few other things. While he certainly was not an easy dog to decide to keep, it is easy to love the big old boy.

Jan 2013: Just a brief update on Winston. Winston, Sienna and I took a run in the White Tanks Mountain Regional Park on Friday and did a new trail we had never done that was rated extremely difficult. Since we had done all the other tails in this park I though we should give this one a try as well. Needless to say it was very difficult in a two mile area with very large rock formations, one that required me to pick Sienna up and hoist her up to the top of it as is was too high for her to jump. Well Winston thought nothing of it and jumped right up on top of the rock face with no problem, then jumped down into the sandy wash without hesitation. Now I know why is previous owners wrote that he can jump 6' fences. Winston continues to amaze me with his physical skills as well as his never quit style of running. He is truly an amazing running dog who has no boundaries. Just when I think I know all their is to know about him he does stuff like this that amazes me. Although he has his issues running is not one of them!

Sep 2013, Doug writes: I took Winston in for his titer check last week and got the results back today. He is a 1:2, which according to the vet is as low as it will ever be for a dog who has had VF. So after two months shy of three years Winston appears to have finally beaten the VF down to a level where he can come off the medication. Winston is still doing very well, although the rain and thunderstorms still drive him nuts. He is as his very best and in his element when out running in the mountains or desert trails with Sienna, and me bringing up the rear. Winston and Sienna are the very best of friends and he is very good putting up with her active play style. I want to again thank the two of you again for all you did for Winston. Thanks to you he got a second chance at life and he is a very happy boy. Although he is a bit of a "special needs" dog with his pretty serious storm phobic issues, he is a very nice boy who just needed someone to rescue him and get him healthy again.

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