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Wilson was born April 14, 2002 and purchased from the breeder when he was 3-yrs old. He was still intact and had been raised largely as a kennel dog with his sire Rincon's Rusty Pointer and dam Princess Leaha Von Rincon. He was terribly undersocialized and would submissively urinate if approached by most people. His first family worked very hard on his issues and succeeded in getting him over the submissive urination but he was fearful of strangers and a risk to fear bite in a busy household with kids and their friends coming and going. In foster care we found Wilson to be a delightfully friendly dog who loves to cuddle with his family and wonderful with both dogs and cats.

Wilson found his forever home with Carol & Jim in WA and their menagerie that includes cats, another vizsla, a mini daschie and horses. We know the other critters will help him to be brave in new situations. Enjoy your new life, Wilson, with Sammie & Mini-Me and the rest of the gang.

Dec 2012, Carol writes: Wilson is doing great. He has become a great barn dog, he even gets mad if he doesn't get to go feed the horses with me each night. He is a part of our hearts and home and we couldn't be happier that we adopted him from you. Both Wilson and Sammie (our female) are getting up there in age but are in perfect health. We will adopt more Vizsla's when the time comes, but that will have to mean that we lost these guys and that will be a long time off. We love the breed and how caring and loving the dogs are. I am attaching some pictures of Willy for you to enjoy. The last one is Sammie the female and Willy's best friend. Thanks for letting us make a forever home for Willy.

Aug 2016, Carol writes: As I sit here and try to find the words that I am feeling, I keep thinking back to the day we picked Wilson up from you. You said he takes a while to warm up to new people, but we weren't 20 minutes into our drive home and Willy was inching his way over to me while I was driving, first he put his paws on my lap and before I knew it he was sitting up so close to me, that when I turned to look at him, we were nose to nose. I knew at that minute he was where he was suppose to be. I am sharing this with you as I prepare to go to the vets office to hold Wilson as he takes his last breath. His body is riddled with disease, IBD or mass-cell cancer or both. He's been being treated for IBD but had the cancer in the past and the vets feel that it has probably come back and is spreading. Either way, Wilson's quality of life is gone and I would only be continuing his life to ease my pain, not his. I was the one he wanted when we picked him up that day back in 2006 and I will be the one there when he takes his last breath and even though this is extremely hard on me, I have not one regret that he was a part of mine and Jim's life. Our other Vizsla Sammie also has cancer of the bladder and they said she has about 4-6 months left with us. Man can it get any harder. Please visit Wilson at The Bridge.

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