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Wilson is an approx 7-8-yr old purebred male who came to us as a shelter stray. He is golden rust with a proper tail dock, dew claws removed, 61-lbs. He settles down nicely in the house and is crate trained but he does a bit of counter cruising and needs basic obedience. He has no sense of anyone else's personal space and doesn't understand why other dogs growl at him when he sits on them because Wilson is a very friendly guy and is always happy to share a toy, his food and especially his space on the couch... or their space on the couch as the case may be! He is not good with cats... a fact that the resident foster cat is more than willing to testify to. Wilson might be 8-yrs old based on some growths on his eyelids and a touch of white in his coat but he is one of the most playful *pups* we've fostered and his teeth are pearly white. He enjoys packing a toy in his mouth, moving everyone's blankies from crate to crate, does a little counter cruising and needs lots of work on basic obedience, people focus exercises and off leash recall. We suspect he was a kennel or yard dog since his back legs don't have much muscle tone... which we expect to change as he gets more regular exercise.

Oct 2005: Wilson found his retirement home in the country with Michael & Velvet who weren't necessarily looking for a vizsla but had plenty of room in their hearts for an overgrown puppy like Wilson not to mention the acreage and another dog to help him burn off some energy. Wilson's new buddy is a 10-yr old drathaar named Brownie who enjoys having somebody to play with... and boss around. In typical vizsla fashion he quickly weaseled his way into their hearts which should make it easier to train them to cover the garbage can, not leave food on the counter and put their shoes away! Wilson has his auntie Melanie to thank for caring enough to take him to the shelter when he was lost and then for sending this wonderful home his way.

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