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Sometime late in January of 2001 a man dropped off a male and female V with the Arkansas rescue group. The female was very expectant and on Feb 7 it became clear she had danced with someone other than the male V. Momma had 13 kids all with great "character". Willow, Koko and Shiloh came to Salt Lake in April for foster care and placement. The kids are possibly mixed with catahoula leopard dog but have traits that are very V like.

Laura who was in RI finishing up her master's degree and started looking for the perfect puppy to adopt now that she had finished school and had the time to devote to a dog. She was making a cross country move from RI back to WA and put Salt Lake on the trip so she could meet up with an old friend who lives here, adopt Willow and then head home to the Seattle area. Laura and her house mate look forward to taking Willow on long walks and jogs on the Burke Gilman trail. Willow will have a cat buddy in the house and lots of dog friends to play with in the area.

Jan 2010, Laura writes: She's a salty old girl now, but I wanted to send an update on Willow. I have had Willow for almost 9 years now. Willow has always been somewhat of an old lady, but her actual age is starting to match her temperament. She has several close buddies, including 2 cats named Bhima and Creature and a mischievous little puggle named Abbott. She still loves a good romp and is very protective of her 3 year old roommate named Mason. Though she is a bit crochety, her sweet side always wins people over. I have attached a photo which captures Willow's signature pose. She struck a pose just like this in the photo of her posted on your website when I was looking to adopt. Here's howling to the New Year!

Other pups from this litter are
Loo (Pixie)
Boudreau (Neelix)

Nov 2001 update: Good news! Rosie, Dixie and Cleo from this litter have also been adopted.

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