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Original story: Willie is a 1-2 yo Vizsla mix. We have no idea his mix but he almost sings like a basenji! Willie is small at 38-lbs and about 20-inches tall. He is in perfect shape. He has a very short single coat, is a deep rich red color with saddle markings, red eyes and red nose. He has a natural thin whip tail, dew claws still on. He was an unclaimed stray from a local shelter. Willie is doing fine in our house with 5 other dogs and he and Paxton are play and wrestle buddies. He is a calm dog in the house, will lay down and fall asleep in the middle of the floor or the couch, is housetrained (but watch house plants), and he sleeps on a dog bed. He is crate trained and will dive in for a treat. He pulls too hard on a leash so that will require work. He does like to jump up on people to greet them.

Sep 2009: Willie's leash manners have much improved after a month in foster care (esp with an Easy-walk harness). He rides great in the car, sleeps in a dog bed although he'd prefer to snuggle up next to you and he loves to lean on you. He is learning basic manners like "go to bed", and "sit". Willie would do best in a home without young children or cats. He will bond deeply with his human and is a dog that could live in an apartment as long as he gets the proper exercise. He can be protective of his food bowl and we feed him in his crate. He may not be the best dog park candidate with large crowds of dogs although he is fine meeting other dogs on a trail and is great off leash and never strays far on mountain hikes.

Nov 2009, Matt writes: Willie is a keeper and is quite amazing. He does have a bark that is much bigger than he is but he learns quickly and loves belly rubs. What is interesting is things that scare him, like the horses, he goes toward. We are having fun with him.

Feb 2013, Willie writes: Hi Foster Mom Rebecca! My life has been good since I came to live with Matt and Barb. I'm a very happy little guy and make people smile all the time. They are very proud of me since I passed the test to become an Intermountain Therapy Dog. My evaluator called me simply irresistable. I travel extensively. Dad has a race car and I have been to race tracks in Denver, Las Vegas, California, and here in Toelle. We have a camper that I just love staying in. We also go to car shows and everyone thinks I'm better to look at than the car. It's tough being cute all the time and I have to endure extensive petting. This April we will be going to Savannah, GA.

I've also visisted family in Connecticut and Ohio. I just curl up in the back seat and enjoy the ride and I get to sleep in motels. While in Connecticut I visited Grandpa in an alzheimers home. Everyone had big smiles on their faces when they saw me. I was a really big hit. My next door neighbors are 2 horses and we stare at each other through the fence. I especially like it when they are ridden and I run along the fence line with them. Dad feeds them carrots and I make sure I get my share. Mom takes me hiking and walking with my doggy play group. I protect the ladies from all the wild animals and if it's warm I just love swimming in ponds and rivers. I'm a very good swimmer and have to retrieve the sticks my humans throw into the water. I exercise mom and dad almost everyday to keep them in good shape. After all I have to keep them healthy.

Rebecca I'm very happy you found me this forever family. Hope some of your other foster dogs find such good places to live.

May 2013, Willie writes: Hi Rebecca, It's Willie again. I'm sending you a picture of me sitting in Dad's race car. That's my friend Stockton and his race car. Also I'm standing on the winners podium at Virginia International Raceway. We just got back from a trip to the east coast. I waded in the ocean in Florida, but didn't like the salty water and waves. I spent time in Georgia, North and South Carolina. I went for lots of walks and people kept saying what a cute dog I am. Of course I know that and I made lots of friends. Willie

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