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Wiley almost certainly has some brittany in him and is likely some combination of Vizsla/brittany/lab. This boy has a wonderful temperament!! He was a stray at the Canyon County ID animal shelter and was adopted by some people who didn't have a fence and got tired of chasing him down so they released him to rescue after a few weeks. Two days after arriving in foster care Wiley went with us to the See Spot Walk benefit dog walk in Boise and he was incredibly relaxed even with all the commotion of 1000+ dogs. He is a 2-3 yr old, compact but sturdy boy with a docked tail and medium length coat (not quite as short as a Vizsla but shorter than a lab), good with kids and other dogs, ignores cats. Sleeps on the floor next to the bed, gives hugs and kisses and loves to chase squirrels.

On October 30 Wiley and Karen headed for Burley to meet Dan and his family who drove up from Salt Lake to meet their newest family member. Wiley was only a tiny bit worried when Karen drove off without him and, in true Vizsla fashion, by the time they arrived home Wiley knew he really was home this time. Dan writes: Wiley is clearly very smart, and he has already taught us one of his tricks-shake! I attached a picture of him with the kids this morning! He is doing great with the kids, and they are doing great with him. He seems very eager to stay close to us, so "come" has not been a problem. He has a good "sit" inside, but he just looked at me like I was crazy when I asked him to sit on our walk this morning. Of course, I insisted, and he enjoyed getting a good scratch for the success. I think we are both going to have a ton of fun with training! When walking he surges to the point of pulling tight, then he backs off, so I think he is very close to being a good walker. I haven't tried "stay" yet, but we have a retractable leash and we will can work on "stay" when we can get a good outside "sit"!

Update June 2003: William and his friend, Andrew, celebrated their birthdays in a special way this year when they requested donations instead of gifts and helped another dog named Jazz on his way to a happy new life.

Jan 2013: Wiley is still with us... a little slower these days and much whiter but still so sweet.
Aug 2014, Dan writes: Penny and Rebecca, I have sad news. We had to put Wiley down about 2 weeks ago. He was about 16 years old and was with us for about 13 years! He had worsening weakness and confusion, or what they call doggie dementia. Except for that, his story is a happy one, and we will be forever thankful for your help in placing him with us. --Dan (Visit Woody at The Bridge.)

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