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On April 4, 1999 I found an ad in the local paper advertising Vizslas for $25. Thinking it was a mis-print, but also wanting to know breeders in the area, I called. I was told at first, by the man's mother, the dogs were 8 months old. I arranged to meet the man and meet the 3 pups.

These dogs were in horrid, filthy conditions. The price was no mis-print and actually he was giving them away to anyone who would take them. The dogs were 17 months old, had never been on leash, in a car, in a house and had no socialization with humans. He had bred his dogs because a few friends wanted pups but after advertising several times in the paper he could not sell these "left over" dogs. So he locked them up with mom and dad in a kennel and left them. None of them were altered and 5 adults (4 males and the bitch) were in about a 5 x 15 foot space with a plywood shelf as their only shelter.

I had gone with the intention of taking all three home but cried all the way home knowing I was unprepared to deal with these dogs and had no kennel space for transition to house dogs. It was only with a great deal of coaching from Janet Galante, Amy Smith, and Rita Prindle that I was persuaded to try and get the dogs out. We also offered to buy the bitch but were not successful in getting her away from him.

Amy offered to foster two boys, Slider and Whiskey. Rita offered to foster the other boy Jesse. On April 25 Daryl and our friend Mitch Johnson headed to Las Vegas, NV to meet Amy & Dave Smith who drove from Mesa, AZ. On April 26 I headed to Wamsutter, WY to meet Rita who drove from Ft. Collins, CO. Three days and 1470 miles later The Wild Boys were in experienced foster care.

Amy adopted Slider to the O'Rouke family and Whiskey to the Russell family. Rita & Rick Prindle still have Jesse and he has become a member of their forever family and the official mascot for CO Vizsla Rescue. You can view their work at www.coloradovizsla.org.

March 2005: We received news this month that Jesse passed away from a cancerous tumor. At just 7-1/2 yrs old he was much too young and we thank Rita & Rick for giving him a chance at a normal life. Read Jesse's story at CO-WY Vizsla Rescue

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