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Original story: Walker (now Waylin) arrived in rescue as an unclaimed stray at a western Idaho shelter. He was estimated to be about 1-yr old and it was clear to all who met him that he was just one of those great dogs who could fit in almost anywhere. This county run shelter was very full from the holiday influx of dogs and our great volunteer, Karen, wasted no time hopping in the car to pick him up and getting him into temp foster care while he waited to catch a ride to Utah with another breed transport that was happening that week.

Rebecca writes: Walker came into our house, adopted Daryl immediately and declared himself home. Daryl decided he needed a new name and settled upon Waylin. Waylin gets along with all other dogs, is great off leash, is house and crate trained, and a pure cuddler. He takes direction from the older dogs and will be a great playmate for any new foster rescue dogs. There are times when a dog just grabs your heart and this was one of those times so this time, we said yes you can stay.

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