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Original story, 2011: Watson is an approximate 3-4 yo purebred male who was an unclaimed stray from a local shelter. He is a wonderful dog in a smaller package at about 45 lbs with a trim frame. Watson is house trained, crate trained, and a great overall dog. He loves tennis balls, soft toys, chew toys and snuggling on the couch. In true Vizsla fashion he loves to be with his people and can be a whiner when he can't be right next to you. He needs training to not jump up and on coming to call. He knows sit, shake, lay down, where's your tennis ball and probably more things not yet discovered. Watson should be an only dog. Due to his energy level no young kids. He is intense on the cat in the house and has nudged her with his nose, but she knows not to run, he would probably be manageable with a dog savvy cat and owner.

May 2012, Donna writes: Watson was a beloved addition to the family. He loved to play ball, he loved to sleep on the bed, he had great manners and loved to be just anywhere with mom and dad. Watson in some small way helped them heal over the loss of their older Vizsla. But after a few short months Watson started to become ultra home protective. His behavior was loving and known with the family but increasingly worrysome with strangers. After consults with trainers and knowing that this behavior was probably the reason he was never claimed from the shelter, it was decided that Watson would pass on to Rainbow Bridge to wait for his family. The choice was painful and filled with tears for those who loved him. We only wish that his original home had done what was right before another family fell in love with him and had to make the final decision for a lovely dog who captured our hearts but had a fatal flaw.

Thank you Donna & Jeff for giving Watson the chance his previous owners didn't and for caring enough to let him go with love. Visit Watson at The Bridge.

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