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Original story, Feb 2014: Walker is a 9-yr old purebred vizsla surrendered to a shelter for destructive behavior... there was mention of eating a couch? After raising him from a puppy we suspect there may have been some major life changes to trigger this behavior change because he is not overly needy and is a happy dog. He rides well in the car and can be crated for short periods (a few minutes NOT hours). He comes to call and is comfortable in the house, on the furniture and is great with other dogs. We were told he is good with kids but we have not evaluated him with young kids. He is not nervous or barky despite being barky at the shelter. He was good with all handling at the vet... current on basic vax, teeth have very little tartar although he does have a low grade heart murmur (2-3 on a scale of 6) so he is not a candidate to be a long distance running partner. We are still getting to know him but he seems to be a pretty happy boy who will need a home experienced with separation anxiety so that it doesn't escalate. He is about 10-lbs underweight at 45-lbs so should fill out to 50-55 lbs.

Apr 2014: Walker is living the good life on acreage in the Columbia Gorge with Cookie & Chet and their crew of vizslas, a dalmation and kitties. His mom reports he is definitely vocal but is fitting in wonderfully and, even though she is not attached to her couch, he has not tried to eat it. He is a master at disappearing under a blanket and gets along well with everyone in his new family. Thanks Cookie & Chet for giving an older dog a chance at the good life.

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