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Jake came into rescue at 8-10 mos old after he was found running in Kitsap county and turned into the shelter there. He was pulled from the shelter and is currently in foster care. He is a SUPER active boy that has taken to the training provided by his foster parents. He is a big boy and has NO idea of his size (currently 55 pounds, when filled out he will likely be around 65-ish pounds). He is approximately 26.5 inches at the withers. Jake is a big sweet OAF... lacking in manners & is like a 3 month old pup in a 8-10 months old body!

June 2004, Cheryl writes: Here are some pics of the buddies. On Sunday we took them up to a lake to go swimming. They had a grand time. Jake is getting much better with the "come" command. Hope you enjoy these.

Sep 2004 update: Jake is having a blast at his new home in Oregon with his buddy Roux, a weimaramer-lab, three cats, and Jim and Cheryl. Jake and Roux have bonded and have a great time together fetching sticks in rivers and lakes, going for hikes in the woods, and running all out at the beach. Jake's preferred sleeping arrangement is with Roux in Roux's bed. Jake has become friends with one of the cats and is still working on getting the others to play with him. Jake has completed one dog obedience class and is doing great with the basic commands (except for when there is something better to do or if his buddy Maya is around). Jake's best buddy is a 6-month old Vizsla, named Maya. They can't get enough of playing together, particularly wrestling, tug of war, and running on the beach. Jake greatest joy in life is playing with other dogs. He loves playing with dogs of all shapes, sizes, ages, and temperaments.

Jan 2010: There is never a right time but we have to believe all of God's creatures have a say in the time they choose to leave us.

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