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Original story: Vivian is an approximate 8 yo purebred female Vizsla. She was picked up running at large and reportedly was a frequent visitor at animal control. The owner declined to come and get her. She apparently would dig out of the yard when left alone all day. So like all of our red dogs, Vivian needs to live in the house and be crated when someone is not home. She is in foster care with other dogs and cats. She gets along well with the other dogs and runs and plays. She ignores the cats. She is spayed, had a dental done, is up to date on shots and microchipped. Vivian is not the best looking girl in town, she appears to have a sway back -- but she is as sweet as they come and loves her foster mom. Her conformation problems do not effect her ability to run and play and put her feet up on people to greet them. She is approximately 45-lbs. Note: Vivian is located in New Mexico but we do have transportation options that could get her to CO or other locations as needed.

Jun 2011: After spending many months in foster care in NM with Stephanie, Vivian finally was able to hitch a ride north to UT/ID. With help from Rick, Sarah and Brian, Viv was finally heading to her new home as resident foster host dog with Penny & company in Idaho. What none of us knew was that Brian, who was her ride from Moab to SLC, was driving his new dog home. Brian called when they got to Salt Lake and asked if he could take Viv home to meet his family. Then he called to ask if she could spend the night or the weekend. Then he called to ask if I could come do a home visit so he could adopt her! His family was looking for a dog to keep their other dog Suzie company. Vivian was the perfect fit and the two girls play in the yard and keep each other company. Vivian loves the human kids and is happy to hang out at home and in the yard with all. Brian we are happy Viv is home and gosh where can we clone transporters like you! (But the next "Viv" is coming straight to Penny and no overnights along the way.)

Dec 2012, Brian writes: Thanks for the email and e-card, We are happy to say Vivian is still enjoying her time with us, She is quite a character and has also helped bring our other rescue dog out of her shell a bit. Seasons Greeting to you all.

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