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Vic is a 2-yr old pure breed vizsla who was adopted from an Idaho shelter in Nov 2004. He did well in his new home until April when he started escaping from the yard. When they tried to confine him to the garage he turned into a one-dog demolition team and Vic was released to rescue. In his foster home he escaped from a crate, went out a 2nd story window and took himself for a walk. (He was not injured although his foster mom may still be trying to catch her breath!) We are still evaluating him and, while he is not crateable, he appears to have a very nice temperament and may do well in a situation where someone is home all the time or can take him with them. He is an excellent traveler and is not destructive when left alone in the car. He is good with dogs and all people, not a barker, definitely a lap dog. We consider him manageable with cats but a lot will depend on the cat. Vic is a tall, gangly vizsla at 27-inches, 75-lbs and his tail is docked much too short at about 3-inches but a gentler vizsla you will not find. Because of his size and build he is probably not a candidate for a long distance running/biking partner but will make someone a fine hiking and fishing buddy. He has not been evaluated for hunting. We are still assessing him with regard to the anxiety over confinement but are accepting inquiries if you think you might be able to provide a home for Vic the gentle giant vizsla.

June 2005: It didn't take long for Vic's special charm to win over Deb & Loren's hearts. Anna doesn't seem to mind sharing her home with him either although she is quick to let him know who is boss when necessary. Lucky for her, Mr. Big is quite a pushover and she will always be able to outrun him on the hardwood floors! Enjoy your big boy!

August 2005: Here are some new friends he met on his first camping trip. He had a blast and so did we. As you see, our camping buddies are dog lovers, too. We were at a private lot so they could run and play as much as they wanted. Everyone loved him. How can you not with that face! He still doesn't like loud noises, but his separation anxiety is almost non existent. He is content to lay in the backyard or on the couch while we are gone. We feel so lucky to have him. Take care and thanks again for bringing him into our family.
Sept 2006: Vic & Anna visit Brody and family at Wade Lake Cabins. (new pics)

Jun 2011: In Oct 2010 Vic was diagnosed with lymphoma. He passed away May 8 2010 after long but loving struggle. His big sister, Anna, was diagnosed about the same time with a different form of cancer and she remains in remission and carries on the vizsla-ness in the household. See the tribute to Vic at The Bridge.

Note: We believe Vic is a litter mate to Big Jake which would make his birth date June 2002. Big Jake & Vic were so much alike with the same unusally gentle temperament and short tail docks that we arranged for a meet and greet with the two of them before Jake left for CA. They were practically identical twins.

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