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In January we were contacted about a litter of Vizsla/Border Collie mix puppies in the Boise ID area. Mamma was a beautiful Border Collie who didn't quite make it in for her spay surgery in time and they came home one day to find the neighbor's unaltered Vizsla inside the 8-ft high chainlink run. Mamma Jenny has since been spayed.

Oct 2002: Walker was adopted by the Simmons family in UT in April. As first time dog owners they are getting a crash course in what it means to raise an active, busy puppy. The whole family pitches in on daily walks and, of course, there are the normal puppy things like she pretends to not have a clue what "come" means and there are a lot more more fun things to chew on than boring old doggie toys. Walker has been a challenge and a learning experience but the whole family adores her and we are sure they will survive the "puppy years". Hold on folks.... It's October, she's 9-months old and she'll have it all figured in another year or two!

Other pups from this litter are
Princess Shelby

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