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In January we were contacted about a litter of Vizsla/Border Collie mix puppies in the Boise ID area. Mamma was a beautiful Border Collie who didn't quite make it in for her spay surgery in time and they came home one day to find the neighbor's unaltered Vizsla inside the 8-ft high chainlink run. Mamma Jenny has since been spayed.

Rio had the good fortune to meet Daniel while visiting at Penny's office. Daniel and Teresa had been dogless for some time and although the cats were enjoying life without a dog Daniel was ready for a dog again and Teresa and the cats agreed to humor him for a "test drive" - yeah, right! They are enrolled in puppy kindergarten, the backyard is being re-landscaped to be more Rio friendly... er, would that be doggie proof?...and Rio is fine tuning his herding and pointing skills on the cats. We're pretty sure the test drive is over and the ride of a lifetime is just beginning. Be gentle with the kitties, Rio!

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Other pups from this litter are
Princess Shelby

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