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In January we were contacted about a litter of Vizsla/Border Collie mix puppies in the Boise ID area. Mamma was a beautiful Border Collie who didn't quite make it in for her spay surgery in time and they came home one day to find the neighbor's unaltered Vizsla inside the 8-ft high chainlink run. Mamma Jenny has since been spayed.

Kathy reports that Mia made the trip back to CA just great. She hotel camped without problem and once they arrived home Kito took to her instantly. Even the cats seem to like Mia! I am quite sure Mia has her head in the toy box and is making a royal mess as we speak -- but enjoy your little whirlwind girl.

Update 7/02: Little Mia lost her friend and mentor this month when 13-yo Nanook went to The Bridge... Run with the wind, Nanook!

Update Jan 2005: New photos

Dec 2012: We always look forward to your Christmas newsletters. Mia just turned 11 yesterday. We went for a nice hike and she got extra spoiled. She is really doing well and in great shape. We had to say goodbye to our other dog and Mia's pal and partner in crime, Kito, in 2011. She gained a new friend, Lily, border collie/whippet, who she has helped bring out of her timid/shyness (she came from animal control). Mia is such a good big sister. I don't think we'll ever have another dog as sweet and smart as her. Thank you for doing all the rescuing and loving to these amazing dogs! Kathy, Bill, Mia, and Lily

Jun 2014: Mia passed over The Bridge on April 8 2014.

Visit the Photo Gallery for photos of Mia with her new family and friends.

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