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In January we were contacted about a litter of Vizsla/Border Collie mix puppies in the Boise ID area. Mamma was a beautiful Border Collie who didn't quite make it in for her spay surgery in time and they came home one day to find the neighbor's unaltered Vizsla inside the 8-ft high chainlink run. Mamma Jenny has since been spayed.

In May Tara found Max while searching the WA-OR Border Collie Rescue site for a new addition to their family. They liked the qualities of the border collie and their friends had vizslas so it seemed a perfect match. Max was the last of a litter of nine pups and at 6-mos old he was housebroken, starting to get a brain and ready to roll.

In May Penny & Frank drove Max to meet Tara & Brian in central Washington and he was off to Seattle where he had many vizsla friends waiting to meet him... not to mention the 4 cats who's peaceful world was about to change a lot! Lucky for them, Max was not too much bigger than them when he arrived and they only had to line him out a few times- c'mon Max, don'tcha know cats rule? He went to the doggie park his first day home and was sleepin' in the bed by week's end (no wonder the cats were annoyed). Take good care of our happy boy and may you have many years of hiking and playing with Mad Max.

Jul 2013: Max was diagnosed several years ago with diabetes but managed even the failing eyesight for many years with the help of his loving family. Tara & Brian write: It is with a heavy heart that I have to inform you of the passing of Max. He died last night after complications from his diabetes. Brian and I went to Max's favorite place over the weekend, Cannon Beach. We decided not to take him this year due to his traveling has become very difficult. His caregiver had called to inform us he had stopped eating and therefore not able to get his insulin. He died at the vet ER this morning after his breathing stopped and poor heart gave out. About a month ago we decided to adopt a kitten (in picture) and we started to see the joy come back to Max's face. They truly loved each other! Max will be dearly missed by us and even though he had diabetes for the past six years, he didn't really show signs of slowing down until the past few months. We are so very sad right now, but the benefits of having such a wonderful dog like Max outweighs the sadness we are feeling right now. Our hearts are filled with many great memories of our sweet boy. Visit Max at The Bridge.)

Special thanks to the folks at WA-OR Border Collie Rescue who graciously listed Max on their site for us.

Feb 2003: New photos added

Visit the Photo Gallery for more photos of Max.

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