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In January we were contacted about a litter of Vizsla/Border Collie mix puppies in the Boise ID area. Mamma was a beautiful Border Collie who didn't quite make it in for her spay surgery in time and they came home one day to find the neighbor's unaltered Vizsla inside the 8-ft high chainlink run. Mamma Jenny has since been spayed.

Abby was picked up by Penny from her home with mom, along with SiAnna & Sage. All 3 were driven to Salt Lake by Penny & Frank and then Abby was driven to Las Vegas along with Gracielou by Daryl. Her mom reports her big sister Josie has taken to her very well. "We have even seen a little "sister protection" come out. We cut her nails yesterday and Josie was right there watching us closely. So far her personality is all Vizsla, expect she has not pointed! She has been sleeping a full 7 hours at night. We have her crate right next to our bed." Sounds like Josie has a little sister and the Stanczak family has a new challenge!

Update Nov 2003 Abby and Josie made the trek from hot, hot Las Vegas to Illinois this year. We sure hope Santa brings these southern girls some coats for Christmas!

Update Mar 2005: All is well in Chicago. Abby and Josie doing great. Abby's Frisbee ability is getting really good. Abby is also outsmarting her sister consistently, never really knew how smart those Border Collies were, wow. Josie still looking for birds, but has taken up fishing recently. Here are some warm pictures to get us through the rest of winter.

Jul 2012: Abby and Josie are doing as well as two ole hounds can do. Abby is diabetic, diagnosed in 2011. Other than that, Abby is still a Frisbee hound. A little slower but full of the energy a pup 4 years younger would have. Josie is ok too. She has a lump that is not a 'good lump' and may have to remove it soon.

Visit the Photo Gallery for photos of Abby & Josie.

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