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Original story, Aug 2011: Cooper is a 6-mth old neutered male purebred vizsla. He is house trained, crate trained and does well with other dogs. With his high energy he would be best suited for a home with young adult dogs that can keep up with him and teach him. He is learning to leave the foster cat alone but still needs work so we would be cautious of placing him out of area with a cat. His early training was somewhat missguided and when he came to us he was afraid of toys, treats and going through doors. He no longer is afraid of toys but still needs gentle direction on what is appropriate to chew on. He is good about taking treats even with the other dogs present but is still a bit food aggressive with the other dogs if they get too close. You will need to continue to work on this so it does not become a lifelong issue. Cooper has the potential to be a really nice dog in the right environment. He is very loving and enjoys a good nap in your lap. He loves to play fetch. He is very bright and a quick learner who needs a dog savvy owner.

Oct 25, 2011, Margo writes: We are still so happy to have Cooper (Vadazso) This is the name we are giving him. He still keeps surprising us! He learns so quickly. Chad has started to take him to bird dog training with Ed and evan Ed said he was surprised how well he did the first day! Again Thanks We absolutely love him!

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