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Tyson made his public debut at the 2007 Rescue Picnic. He was quite the hit with all the dogs and especially with David, Juli and Penny. A week later Tyson went for a home visit and stayed and stayed and stayed. He is now baby brother to Penny and is taking play and snuggle lessons from her. They can be found romping in the yard and sharing the dog bed all tucked in together. Tyson & Penny get to play with neighbor dogs on both sides and so they are quite the popular party hosts. We are happy that Penny found herself a buddy and that they both are with a wonderful family that loves Vizsla!

Jul 2016, Juli writes: Here's a recent photo of Penny and Tyson, 11 and 9 years old now. Sweet white faces! David has their attention because he has treats. They are inseparable best friends. We continue to travel with them to Iowa and California each year. And they love their daily walks. I hope you are doing well. I check the website site from time to time just to see who is up for adoption.

Dec 2019: Please visit Penny & Tyson at The Bridge.

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