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Tuff needed a new home in May 2001 when his family moved to a new house with grumpy neighbors and a limit of two dogs per household. He was a very high energy 16-mo old Vizsla/brittany mix but was raised as a well-loved member of the family with dogs and kids, was crate trained and already had great house manners. His mother was a brittany but his coat type and color is all Vizsla. He is stout at about 50lbs and built a bit like a tank.

After cat testing him for one night on Jake, the foster cat who likes dogs more than people, Penny and Frank drove him to Ogden for a doggie play day and a chance to meet Mary who was looking for an energetic, well socialized companion and running partner. It was a busy afternoon with 11 dogs, 8 humans and great food (thankyou Angela and Allen) but Mary managed to find some time to spend with Tuff and decided he was the right dog for her- reports are that the cat is still not sure she made the right choice but he is learning his cat manners. He has a new name of "Duff" to soften his image just a little and is enjoying running and hiking in the mountains around Salt Lake and has made lots of new doggie and human friends.

We believe that Tuff is likely a littermate to Tazz which might explain why Tazz's tail was docked so short and his eyes have never gotten their proper Vizsla coloring. Tuff was born at the right time and location for them to have been from the same litter. It's like Eddy is also fromthis litter based on age and information received from Tuff's original owner.

May 2003 update: Last winter Duff got a new house and then he got a new baby sister to share it with when Sean & Mary adopted Stella, a lab puppy. Teach her well, Duff,... and try not to get her into too much trouble! (new pictures)

Jan 2007: Duff & family had a busy year as they moved all the way across country to Massachusetts. Mary writes that Duff and Stella have loved it all - new sights, new smells, more family members to dote over them, etc. We have a 2 acre yard now, as well as trails nearby to take them hiking. Duff is doing very well. He's now seven and I think I can see him slowing down just a little bit. He can now only sustain a 30 mile/hour pace for about 30-40 minutes (as compared to 2-3 hours when we first got him) :-).

Visit the Photo Gallery for photos of Duff with his new family.

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