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Buck is a 11 yo male, b.7/18/1995, neutered, tail docked, dews off, his AKC papers were never registered. He just had some fatty lumps removed in the past couple of weeks. He was turned in because he was an outside kennel dog and lots of construction is going on in the area and he would bark at all the noise. The family had him since he was a pup, he was hunted some but not formally trained. He points, flushes, and works on instinct and is not gun-shy. He is described as a loveable dog who gets along well with two small poodles and wants to be inside like them and sit in your lap. He is gentle, rides well in the car, has been around kids 8 and older, likes to play fetch or "I have the ball you threw now chase me", is fairly good on leash walks, and likes to play in mud or water puddles. Buck is not yet housetrained but when the weather was cold he was brought into the house and he slept in a crate. The previous owner will provide to us his medical history from their vet. He is unknown with cats.

Oct 2006: Buck really needed to find some luck in his life. He was given up to a high kill shelter (who puts down some 60% of their animals) by the only family he had known for 11 years. He gets bailed out immediately and has the first bit of luck to spend a couple of weeks at Ellie's Pet Hotel. But when he had his vet check, darned if Buck is not heartworm positive, in addition to having a sore on his nose that was infected :( But Buck was a trooper and his foster home found him to like cats as well as their array of dogs big and small. We had been talking with Jaye and family but due to the long distance we were a bit hesitant to have a dog make the trek. The local V rescue folks did a home visit and found them to be devoted to adopting Buck, V experienced and a wonderful home - period. So Buck boarded a plane on 10/23 for the ride of his life. His new family writes that he is settling in amazingly well and is not a stranger with anyone. He likes to play with tennis balls and stuffed animals and the only one not "loving" him is the hedge hog toy which he likes to hump :) Buck finally found his break in life and got a new name to celebrate. He has a family to love him and one who will give him the heartworm medication he needs. He lives inside, gets cuddle time on the couch, has a big fancy bed all his own -- and gosh one day he will get to swim in the ocean. Tuck found his LUCK!

Dec 2008 update: Amazingly Tucker is still with us! He had a large mass removed one year ago and the vet thought he would not be around for long. One year later our sweet love is still going strong! He has cancer but it does not seem to have expanded since the operation last year. He still has heartworms and also arthritis but he seems quite happy and still very much enjoys his two walks a day and eats all his food. The retirement home seems to be so good he has decided to stay with us for as long as possible! He turned 13 in July - pretty amazing guy!
Attached a picture from this September when we adopted an orange tabby named Morris. Tucker really likes Morris and they are usually hanging out in the same room together. We are amazed by this as our last V could not bear to be in the same room with a cat without chasing it. Tucker is so sweet and mellow! Thanks for finding homes for all those wonderful Vizslas.......and for letting Tucker join us here in Maine.

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