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Original story: Tootsie is an approx 2-yr old purebred Vizsla girl who was found as a stray with an injured leg in WY. Bob & Nellie wasted no time going to retrieve her from a northern WY shelter. She spent a few days relaxing with Bunky & Streak before catching a ride with Jakey's mom & dad to Laurie & Fred in Bozeman. Upon closer evaluation it was determined that Tootsie's leg injury is more serious than a simple cut and may require surgery prior to placement and she is now in foster care in northern ID where Teresa has experience with this type of surgery.

Tootsie is a pretty girl, 50 lbs, tail docked too short, dews removed. She has a sweet eager to please personality but can be a bit insecure at times, displays hand shyness with some movements. She gets vocally upset when humans leave the house and we are working on her separation anxiety. Also displays some resource guarding (growling) with other dogs when around food which is correctible with a firm "no". She does not guard her food from humans. She will need training for all basic commands. She seems to be better with a male dog as a buddy. Tootsie will counter surf for food and cats. She needs a home with NO CATS. She loves to hang out with her people, so she will be wherever you are in the house. If invited, she will come up on the couch and bed, and lay with you. Training works well with treats and she really seems to enjoy interacting with positive training methods. She definitely has some indications for intelligence versus being just a big goofy dog. Playing with and fetching a toys is also a fun game to her and she has a soft mouth for people fingers when releasing the toy from her mouth. All things considered Tootsie is a happy girl who enjoys being loved!

4/16/2009 update from Tootsie's foster mom: Tootsie might do well with a dog buddy who is laid back. She also loves hanging out in the shop with Dan so would be a great dog to go to work with someone. She needs a dog savvy home willing to continue working on her few issues and who can provide the right balance of exercise and attention.

Mar 2010: Not sure why it took us so long to update Tootsie's story becasue it didn't take Danny very long to decide she was a keeper. She loves hanging out with dad and helping with chores around the property. She's a handful (hey, we all have issues!) but has found her place for sure.

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