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Tomo is an approx 1-yr old redbone coonhound (or possible redbone/vizsla mix) who was rescued from a Provo UT shelter on the day she was to be euthanized. She is a bit shy but is coming along nicely. She has shown absolutely NO aggressive tendencies toward people, and does well with neighborhood children. She walks well on a lead and loves playing with other dogs. She has good social skills with other dogs and will jump a fence to play with the dog in the next yard (we are working on this). She learns quickly, and is very intelligent. She enjoys sleeping on the bed with her head on the person and/or other dog in the bed. Tomo may or may not be a vizsla but she is a beautiful redhead looking for love and she will make a great pet for a family that can commit to loving her for life. You can read more about redbone coonhounds here.

Tomo's family was looking for a Vizsla for their family and once they saw her pictures were hooked. Tomo is probably more Redbone Coonhound but she is as sweet as they come. She hopped on a plane 12/10/02 and arrived at her new home. They report that she just loves their daughter, loves runs in the woods with mom, and is getting to know dad (the scary one). Rob says he knows she is settling in as she has begun to bark at would be "intruders" to her yard and also has played with toys in the house and counter surfed! Take care of our shy one, and enjoy the question -- what kind of dog is that?

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