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Original story: Toby came into rescue as an owner release due to having too many dogs. He was born 1/19/2006 with an AKC birth certificate (sire Tuttle's Golden Ace; dam Peppy Serretta Gold). Toby is a smaller male at about 23" and 45 lbs. He is neutered, tail docked, dews removed, and up to date on shots and micro chipped. Toby was raised with 3 smaller dogs, 3 cats, and children from 4-16 yrs. He is high energy and needs lots of proper exercise. In lieu of exercise the kids played with a laser light and Toby is now a shadow chaser. (PLEASE do NOT use a laser light to exercise your dog!) He will need work to focus on good activity like playing with others and running. He can be distracted from the shadow hunt by treats, chew toys and a chance to sit on the couch and curl up with people. He lacks basic obedience skills except "sit" and pretty much did his own thing. He needs a firm leader and total obedience training. He will counter surf food, whines when he does not get his way, will jump a baby gate, will scratch at a wall or carpet if a shadow is there, and thinks couches/beds are for him to bound off or sleep on at will. Toby was reported to be a real shoe chewer but has not done so at our house. He does chew on proper toys with great zest. He was crate trained but he will complain for about 15 minutes when crated but then settles down with all the lights off. Toby needs a home with a good 6 foot fence and to not be left with unsupervised access to the yard. He was hunted in his early months and he was not gun shy. He is very interested in the quail at the back of our yard. Life got too busy for the family so he has not been in the field much since then. He is very social with our dogs and does play some but he did give a lip roll when another dog got too close to his treat. I would not advise free feeding in a home with another dog. Due to Toby's energy level and lack of manners we prefer to place him in a home with adults who can focus on getting his bad habits under control. Another dog his age that likes to play would be a plus as would a person who runs daily.

Adoption update: Toby found the perfect Hungarian home to teach him what life is all about. First requirement was a new name and now Tibor or Tibi will be a proper Hungarian pointer. Tibor found a new mom that has plenty of V experience, loves to go hiking, and actually said on her application she wants a "hyper and loving" dog. Boy did we get it right or what? Tibi has grandparents who love to babysit and help when mom has to be away. His mom reports that Tibor has such a sweet face and everyone that meets him adores him. Be a good boy as you have large ZsaZsa shoes to fill... and I mean fill, not eat!

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