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Reddog Ranch Tiny was born 2/9/2003 out of Finn MacCool's Fergus and Tulsa of Trails West and came to rescue due to divorce. Because of some serious medical issues at the time he was not able to travel back to his breeder but we want to thank Dawn Burkhart for her donation to help with his expenses. It was discovered that most of his physical problems were due to a ruptured eardrum that had likely gone untreated for a very long time. Once the infection was cleared up and without the pain, Tiny was able to relax a bit and learn how to enjoy life. He still has his quirks but overall we have found him to be a delightful and very special boy.

Original story: Tiny is a 5-yr old fast, funny fellow and clown extraordinaire. We call him Spiderman. He can leap 5ft in the air turn around and land on all fours. He loves kids. Because of his antics we recommend children 10 and up. He is a bit obsessive about the cat but never aggressive but should probably live in a no cat home. We have clocked him at 23 mph on a frozen road running with the 4 wheeler. He loves to chase birds so you must watch him close when out in bird country. He would be a great hunting dog if you can teach him to hold and then come back when told. He always comes back but not always when you want him to so he will need to be on a leash when out of the yard. He thinks all the other animals should adore him and want to play so he needs to be watched around livestock that are unfamiliar with dogs. He has excellent house manners. He has stayed up to 12 hours alone in the house and NEVER had an accident or been destructive.

He would love a home that would allow him to sleep on the bed at night but is good about going to his own chair if you say no. He will need a home that doesn’t mind that he is a couch potato. He is not fond of riding in the car, but I believe over time if he got to go to fun places to run and be with other dogs he would get over it. He enjoys the company of other dogs. We are working on being in a crate but he gets a little nervous when confined to a crate. Typical for a Vizsla he is a bit sensitive and will actually pout if he doesn’t get what he wants. He is a bit pushy about attention when you first get home so plan on a few minutes devoted to him when you arrive. Tiny had a very chronic fungal infection in his ear that resulted in a ruptured ear drum so he will need to have regular follow up checks with the vet until we are sure it won’t come back and the drum has healed. Tiny is neutered, up to date on all shots and microchiped. He weighs about 40 lbs so his name fits him well.

Feb 2008, Marla writes: Tiny traveled very well on the trip home from Moscow. He slept soundly all night and today did some exploring in and out with periods of play. Emma has been wonderful with him and he seems to enjoy her. We all like him and feel he will thrive in our home. He has not had any really peculiar behavior except that rubbing his face with paws last night. No hiding in the corner.

Mar 2008: We wanted you to know that our hour spent with John Corcoran is paying dividends with Tiny. He felt that with simple training such as sit, come, etc. Tiny will soon be ready to move outdoors to learn his boundaries. We are having training sessions for Tiny each day and already he is making progress. In so far that we have trained 5 dogs before we felt that we could give our own lessons. As a result, as predicted by John C., he is doing very little whining. We believe that energy spent in these training sessions makes him content and he goes and plays or sleeps more often than before. We are so pleased at how Tiny is making progress. He is trusting us and shows affection and actually is "coming" when called in the house. Structure and loving is what he needed most.

Dec 2011, Marla & Morris write: Tiny is so much fun, he dances, marches, he is our friend and brother Vizsla to Emma. Sleek and healthy, full of vim and vigor, we never know what he will do to amuse us. He loves spending time in the garden respecting each plant and bug, we have named the garden "Tiny's Garden. Life would be rather boring without Tiny's mutual love and respect, he is our man! Have a wonderful Vizsla Christmas.

Sept 2012: Tiny passed away this week from complications of a twisted stomach. His life was far too short but no dog enjoyed life more or entertained his family as well as the ever fun loving Tiny. Visit Tiny at The Bridge.

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