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Tigger was picked up as stray and unclaimed from the Heber UT shelter. He is approximately 4-yrs old, 55 lbs, tail docked, dews removed. The shelter named him Tigger and it doesn't take long to figure out why. He can jump vertically in the air and look you straight in the eye! When put in the back yard for exercise, he of course would rather be inside with us, so he just "bounces" at the back door until we let him in. He is a total love and we can't believe his previous owners didn't care enough about him to find him. His personality is typical Vizsla as loves to be with his people and thrives on attention. Tigger gets along fine with the other dogs in the foster home but his main focus in life is humans so while he likes other dogs as companions he would also love to be an only dog to get the attention he so wants. Tigger is house and crate trained. He needs a home where he can stay inside when the family is away so that he won't be tempted to go looking for some one to play with. While we have not seen him jump the 4 foot fences he has gotten out of the back yard and gone to the front door to find his humans. He can also be a digger if left unattended for long periods. He's a little bit of a bull in a china shop but is learning his new routine and about life in the house quickly. Anyone would be lucky to have Tigger join their family.

Update June 2003: Tigger got chauffer service to southern UT with Rebecca to meet his new mom. Jennifer is a runner and plans to take Tigger on many outings. He goes nuts when she arrives home and has bonded well with her in a very short time. We trust you will enjoy the new man in your life -- who without question will love you forever!

Nov 2007: Tigger is doing well but I've noticed he is a little creaky in the morning and he cannot run with me as far. He still has his puppy moments when he springs around and seems to be very happy. I am often thankful to have found such a wonderful companion. Thanks for bringing us together.

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