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Tess is a 1-2 yr old female who was found as a stray and not claimed from a shelter. She came from the same shelter as KoKo, is the same est. age and condition so she might be related. She is currently scared of her own shadow. At the shelter she would not eat so she is really skinny as well. She has made progress, is not a fear biter, but at present she is an escape risk to jump a fence if scared. She needs to be inside the home until she has acclimated and gotten training. Tess is about 23 inches tall, 45 lbs but should be about 50, tail docked but dews on. She does OK with other dogs but is still too scared to play with them. Tess came into the program on July 28th and based on the first week's observation we hope to find her a home with a woman, willing to do training and socialization, who likes high energy dogs, and wants a dog who will be a project of pure love. Tess is crated while no one is home and is not yet fully housetrained. Tess is scared of most men and just cowers when they approach but once they are close and petting her she relaxes. Tess needs love and exposure to the big world.

Aug 2003: Tess got a new name to go with her new family. She is now Ginger and appears to be settling in well and gaining confidence every day. On day #3 she writes: "When Lori took me on a walk I even wagged my tail a little today! That was a first instead of tucking it between my legs. I'm still a little less sure about walks (safer in my own yard), but I am walking with my head held higher usually and I notice sometimes they have to jog a little to keep up with my quick pace."

Nov 2014, Lori writes: We celebrated 11 years with Ginger at the end of August. 11 years. How's that possible? We think she's about 13 now. All white in the face. She had surgery on her shoulder/side of spine last year to remove a cancerous lump. Unfortunately, it's come back and is growing. An x-ray shows it hasn't spread to her chest at this time. Because of her age, we really don't want to put her under and try to remove it as well. Her vet is thrilled that she's done so well after the first surgery and frankly didn't think she'd make it to now. So, we are enjoying our sweet girl, giving lots of belly rubs and love, and watching her to make sure she's still happy and enjoying life. She's all white in her face now... She has been such an awesome part of our family. I tell people all the time about Utah Vizsla rescue and tell them Ginger's story. She's come so far from that sweet puppy shaking in the corner and so afraid of the world. We are so happy we found her!

Jul 2015: Hi Rebecca, I thought you'd want to know that Ginger died last week on Tuesday, July 21st. The end of August marks 12 years since we adopted her. It's hard to believe. I hope all is well with you and the pups. Please visit Ginger at The Bridge.

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