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In March 2000, while she was still fostering 1-year old Rye, Penny received a request from the Idaho Humane Society to foster a 6-week old puppy who had been picked up as a stray by animal control. He could not be adopted because strays must be held for 5 days but he was far too young to be kept at the shelter because of the risk to his health. His tail was docked to about 1 inch and he was barely weaned. By 5:30pm Nubbins was fast asleep in the easy chair with foster cat Jake and Penny was frantically emailing the Vizsla Talk list members for advice about caring for a puppy so young and within hours the basic questions had been answered- yes he was weaned, yes he could pee and poop on his own, yes he could eat kibble, yes the diet they sent home from the shelter was probably adequate for the time being. From the beginning he had an aggressive attitude about the way things ought to be and was quite a fiesty little guy. He had no fear and we tried to let the adult dogs discipline him as much as possible so that he could learn the important lessons puppies his age usually learn from their mothers. The days crawled by waiting for the call from the shelter that the puppy's owner was there to claim him. Day 5 came and went without such a call. He still could not be formally adopted until he was at least 8 weeks old and could be neutered in accordance with shelter policies. In the mean time, the search began for a more puppy-oriented foster home and eventually a permanent home. Karen Culver quickly volunteered (not even much arm twisting was needed) to help with his care and she also had a lead on a possible home for the ornery little devil. We managed to wait until he was 9 weeks old before neutering him and near the end of March Vizsla rescue formally adopted him.

Darin's was the perfect home for Nubbins. He already had a 4-yr old Vizsla and let it slip to Karen that he was considering a second Vizsla. He loved his aggressive attitude and immediately re-christened him Mr. Tazz-a-Razz. Darin is an avid hunter and he is certain that his attitude will more than make up for his lack of tail in the field. Still, wanting to make sure he would fit into the family, Darin hesitated and we very cleverly took Tazz to visit him at work and sent him home for a "test drive." Perhaps that was unfair pressure but it worked and Tazz has a forever home with Darin in Meridian ID.

10/25/2000 Darin writes: Well Tazz had his first official bird hunt all by himself. We arrived at our field by 4:30 in the afternoon and by 4:45 Tazz had his first rootie. He was not sure what to do with it and every time it moved he barked at it. The bird was a big bird and Tazz did not know what to do. So he just sat by it until we came to him and then he barked again until dad picked the bird up and then he was fine with it. He got a nose full of bird and he was off and running after more. Within another 15 minutes Tazz had picked up the scent of two more rooties and was off and going. He bumped them a little far ahead but he was still given his bird treat and I think as soon as he hunts with his sister and sees how his sister works on pointing and fetching he will have no problems. He has a great nose! I did get a big kick out of watching him move thru the brush. Being used to Madison's dainty and graceful moves he was like a bull in a china store. No grace just nose to the ground and bulldoze thru anything, fences included. He has that birdy drive and he loves being out there running at top speed. I am looking forward to this weekend when I take him and his sister out together... Look out birds, the red headed devil dogs are on their way...

5/24/2001 We believe Tazz may be a littermate to Tuff and Eddy which might explain why his tail was docked so short. We know Tuff's mother was a brittany and all of the puppies had Vizsla coats and were born at the right time and place to have also been Tazz's litter.

Mar 2004 Darin writes: Just wanted to let you know that Tazz has now added duck hunting to his list of things he loves. No season right now this was a test... I loaded up the little man and away we went. He took to it like he was born to it. He loved swimming in the river with no fear and he loved watching all the birds and chasing the ones that he could when we stopped on the bank. I know that late season would be way way to cold for him but early season he will be Great... He is the kind of dog that will do what I ask as long as I am there he will do it. No fear as long as dad is around. He out did a lab that has been hunting with us for a couple years. His first venture and he made this lab look like a beginner... He is sure coming into his own.

Dec 2006: Today we laid our little man down to rest. The diabetes had gotten the best of him. He was a joy to have in my life and I will never forget him. Visit the Rainbow Bridge.

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