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TAZ (was Princess)

Princess was born 9/29/2004 and while she has AKC papers she is not highly bred. Her sire is Copperfield Pluto Madsen and dam is Shay Vila Cobra. She is about 21 inches tall and 40-45 lbs. Her tail was incorrectly docked and she has a stub for a tail. She came into rescue when her elderly owner had health problems and could no longer care for her. She was given to a neighbor who she stayed with for about a month and then they sought the help of people who know Vizsla. She was a kept as a yard dog and so she is learning about houses and crates. She was around grandchildren and did well with them. She was also around larger and smaller dogs and played well with them. Princess loves to sit in your lap, play with other dogs, and chew on slippers! She rolls on her back when you try to take her collar to get her in a crate but she has now learned that going in means food and will run right in and settle well. She appears to know sit (for treats) and will wait, when told, before going in or out the door. She has not made any attempt to jump our fence 4 foot fence but we do not leave dogs unattended in the yard . She is unknown with cats.

Update Dec 2006: On 12/15/2006 Princess took a ride to the airport and jumped aboard the same plane as her foster parents for a ride to AZ. Land offered her home and yard as a place to meet and Princess got to meet Dean. She impressed all who met her and Dean happily loaded her up for a ride to his home. He reports that she now has a new name -- Taz. She was named after a small village in Hungary called TAZLAR. It is in the southern plain area of southern Hungary. Taz is adjusting well to her new home and name. She has been to the dog park and romped with others, been on leash walks, and found out that sleeping on her own doggie bed on the floor is not all that bad. Take care of your new girl and while she will never be able to fill the shoes of those who passed before, I hope she continues to make a wonderful impression on all she meets.

Dec 2011, Dean writes: Taz is on her valley fever pills each day and the Vet says it looks like that will be true for the rest of her life. This has not slowed her down though. She still is a very vigorous girl that wants to play and go for walks all the time no matter what the weather.

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