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Rescue efforts in UT began November 12, 1997 with a "free to a good home" ad in our local paper. I reached the woman at work and arranged to see the dog. I called back to ask a few questions and she said I could just go get him out of the yard without her home or that her daughter might be home.

When I arrived the daughter showed me to the yard. The dog was not allowed in the house. He had no toys, no dog house, and no shelter of any kind. The yard had not been picked up in weeks and the dog was starving.

The story was that they got him for their 4 year old son who had gotten tired of the dog as a "toy". He had been neutered and was up-to-date on his shots. When I asked the dog's name, she could not remember and had to look at his tags.

Sparky came home with me headed for a new life and name. In Greek mythology, Talus was the last man of an ancient race, a creature made all of bronze except one ankle where alone he was vulnerable. Talus has two lighter almost cream patches behind his front feet and the name fit perfectly.

Talus had been hit and he would spin around any time he was touched on the back in an effort to get away. He would also cringe when we threw toys in the yard. Apparently the kids used him as target practice.

After several weeks with us, Talus was a typical V. He loved to play with our dogs and with toys. He loved rubs, sleeping on the bed and face kisses and showed no signs of his past treatment.

Talus now resides in North Highlands, CA with Fred and Barbara Adkins. Fred runs Talus around the park with his motorized wheelchair. All the kids love him. Fred told me that he has met more folks in his neighborhood since he has had Talus than ever before. Fred said Talus "changed his life" and he that he was "in love and his wife approves".

Update Feb 2003: We are sad to report that Fred passed away in 2002. Talus moved to Nevada to live with Fred's children. He now has a lab buddy to play with and acres on which to run off all of his Vizsla energy.

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