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Talula "LuLa" is about 12-mos old, 40-lbs, 21 inches tall, tail docked, dews still on. She was picked up back in June 2004 as a stray and adopted from an ID shelter. The family who adopted her has a child with asthma and it has really been aggravated since her arrival so they decided it best to place her. She is a loving girl who has been allowed to sleep on the bed and couch. She rides well in the car, likes to play fetch in the water, will sit and come when called. She has typical V energy and needs good off lead runs several days per week. She has not been crate trained so she whines when crated. She can be destructive if not crated when she is alone but is also able to get out of the yard so she cannot be left in a yard as she will dig out or jump out and go looking for someone to play with. Due to all the changes in her short life she might have slight separation anxiety and we are looking for a home that is her final move. She is in a foster home with older kids, and adores people in general, loves to play with other dogs, cats are unknown. Her previous family says she shows great interest in birds and points them in the yard so she might make a good hunt training project but we have no idea about her reaction to guns. She is rather "mouthy" in play and since we do not know her background we would not place her with really young children.

LuLu did not have to wait long for her home to find her. How could anyone not want the longest pair of ears in town! The family has a 5 yo male V and his German shepherd buddy had recently passed away. Buck was not quite sure he was going to like a whirling dervish at first but he has decided she can be lots of fun. Buck is going to teach her to hunt and we can only hope that she does not teach him that pogo stick jump of hers. Both dogs will get worn out daily with runners in the family. They also live near a river and have lots of birds around to keep them interested. LuLu has already been in at two homes at her young age but we are sure that she has finally found a home that knows and LOVES the V traits and energy.

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