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Original story: Thumper aka vicky is an approx 3-yo purebred vizsla with a natural tail from a Kalispel shelter. She was a shelter stray and might have been treated harshly in a previous home because she is a little hand shy until she gets to know you. She is also unsure of herself with the other dogs in her foster home... an existing pack of 2 females and 1 male... but we expect it will sort itself out as she settles in and learns she is safe and loved. She travels well in the car, appears to be crate trained and is a big boned gal and should fill out to about 60-lbs. Huntin potential is unknown.
Update Dec 10th: Vicky has been re-christened Thumper in honor of her ever busy tail and because she seem to like it! She and Jasper played a bit this weekend which was a good sign that she's feeling more comfortable around him. We also discovered a ball that she likes so she's learning to be a good catcher and somewhat of a retriever since she likes to tease us when she brings it back. She also has a nice soft mouth and allows us to wiggle the ball out of her mouth, and she takes treats quite nicely too. I think she's enjoying that fact that she doesn't have to be scared of our hands but she can be a bit skittish with loud noises or sudden movements so hunting may not be in the picture for her.
Dec 26th: Thumper readily shows affection and enjoys a good snuggle with people. She is eager in response to training with toys and treats, especially cheese. All four paws stay on the ground when she greets people, which is great for us humans since she's a big girl. Thumper also likes a friend to go outside with her whether it's us humans or Jasper the GSP. She'd love to be the center of attention in a new home as an only dog. However, having a male k9 companion would be to her liking as well. Thumper is not a "dog about the town" kinda gal and would rather hangout with her family either at home or doing activities with her people in the great outdoors. Thumper's foster home are agility nuts themselves and feel she has a lot of potential for agility between her fast legs and high motivation for food rewards. They also report she cleared the sofa in the living room with ease during a play session over the weekend!

Feb 2008: Samantha made the long drive from Utah to Bozeman to meet up with her new best buddy and pal. With Thumper's new life came the new name of Sydney and she was off to her new home in the Utah mountains.

Mar 2008: Syd meets Blue & Gerdie! (new pics)

May 2008, Sam writes: Syd is just the most wonderful thing that's happened to me in forever! All my friends were so impressed how quickly she took to me, and that she truly seemed like my dog, right away! I was so lucky that you and Fred took such terrific and loving care of her. She is on 24-hour tweety patrol, and has caught 2 birds in mid-air! Can't catch a frisbee, but a 60 mph swallow hasn't a chance...!?

Dec 2008, Sam writes: I have, never once, NOT been approached by an oncoming person who goes out of their way to say what a beautiful dog Sydney is. She now weighs a very healthy 64 lbs and I am thrilled. I waited so long for a dog of my very own and could not have been luckier to fin my little girl.

Dec 2012, Sam writes: We are in Connecticut with my family now and just loving it! My family has lots of acrage and trails for Syd to run in and she just loves it. She runs with me nearly every day and is very healthy and smiles all the time. The old Colonial home is cold but she has a variety of thick wool sweaters that she looks like Grandma in, but she loves them! I speak often of Utah Vizsla Rescue and how you ALL have not only improved my life immensely, but Sydney's as well. My family truly loves Syd and considers her their own. I am grateful each and every day to you for the greatest addition to my life. Happy Holidays from the Potter Family!

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