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Sydney Pretty Princess, born 9/30/2003, came into rescue on December 22, 2005. Her sire is Captain Navarr and dam is Little Anne Utah. She was given up by her family as they have an infant and young child and the at-home-wife could not handle her. Sydney is a small female of only 35 lbs, and 20 inches. She is very high energy and lacking most basic manners other than "sit". She pulls like a mule on a leash and is in need of much socialization with new places, sounds, and travel. Sydney spent a lot of her time chained up in the yard so she also barks at noises and people to get their attention. She can be barky with new people inside the house as well but warms up to them quickly. She is a couch snuggle pro and loves toys. In her foster home she did great with other dogs large and small.

Sydney found the perfect home with Carol in WA. She has awfully big shoes to fill. Carol adopted Elsa from our group back in 1999 but sadly Elsa passed this fall. Syndey got to spend some time settling into her new home and then she went off to a board and train program to learn some basic skills and get more social skills by meeting lots and lots of different people. Carol reports that: Syd now knows sit, down, stay, wait, right-here (heal), come-here, up, off ... I can't even remember them all. She is no longer a "puller" on the lead - we went for a great run this morning. With the training program she went through, we have unlimited follow-up visits ... so we'll be heading out there every couple weeks for a while to work on long-lead training with cool distractions like birds and squirrels. I'm very impressed with the program. They did a really good job. Sydney slid right back into "home life" upon completion of the program. She still loves playing ball and snuggling on the couch. Take good care of your new red TNT package and foster sister Syd, the human, will be watching!

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