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Original story: Susie is a small 40-lb, approx 2-yr old German shorthaired pointer. She is outgoing and friendly and good with cats, kids and other dogs, travels well in the car, has good house manners. Susie can clear a 6-ft fence so we recommend she be crated inside the house when you are away. She is interested in tweetie birds and does not appear to be noise shy around the house but doesn't show much promise as a hunter. Susie needs an owner who can provide plenty of exercise as well as mental stimulation. She is a super high energy sweetheart looking for the same in you!

Apr 2008: We're not sure what happened to Susie's success story until now but we're sure there was one because in 2007 Susie became the bratty new little sister to Lucky & Stout and has become one of the chief screeners for new clients at Lucky Dog Day Care. Mandie met Susie when Penny & company visited Eugene in February 2007 and there was no getting her out of her heart. Mandie first agreed to foster her and we aren't sure whether she knew no one else could put up with her antics or that she just plain loved her and couldn't let her go, but either way Susie was meant to stay and stay she did!

In February 2007 Susie came out of a terrible pound in Ontario OR. No doubt her life will forever be affected by the terrifying time she spent there but she is truly one of the lucky ones to have escaped a living hell. Maybe one reason Susie is so full of "it" is that she knows she has to live for all the ones who didn't make it. Live large, live happy little Susie!

Jul 2008, Mandie writes: Susie is her normal self, keeps going, going and going. You can tell she has her listening ears on (gotta hear those birds). Believe it or not she is starting to settle down.

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