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Her story: Sunny is a 2 yo female that came into rescue on her way to a new home in WA. She comes from a local breeder and AKC parents Tuttle's Golden Sierra Pipeey and Tuttle's Golden Ace. She is a high energy and busy girl who LOVES to play tug of war and fetch. She has not been hunted or trained but has potential. In her former home she would run on trails and go to the dog park to play. She seems to be great with all other dogs and will slam dance with the best of the big boys. She is short enough she runs underneath them. Sunny uses her feet like a cat and will swat dogs to get them to play so caution is needed with other dogs who may not want to tolerate a youngster. Sunny is vocal when she wants something. She will bark at the food bucket or the toy that was put away. She does crash on the couch and cuddle with you once she has had her play time and she yells for a bit when put to bed in the crate but settles down well and sleeps thru the night. Sunny will need guidance, patience, and space to run off her energy.

Update: It did not take long to find the right place for Sunny. With the help of the Walds, who know hunting dogs with high energy, a co-worker was told about Sunny. The family had V and rescue experience with a older dog who had passed. While they also had their choice of a mild 8 yo dog or her, they chose to adopt the wild child. Jeff and his family have quite the challenging experience in front of them but they are up for the excitement of a young dog. We are sure Sunny will love the kids if they can accept her inviation to play 24/7.

Dec 2012: Jeff writes that Sunny is a tug master, she's already gone through the new tug toy. Will have to get the beefy ones! And she loves the kong and the tennis ball. She is doing great.... Learning to slack leash a bit, sits, waits ... Loves to hunt birds in the yard and snuggles on the sofa like she owns the house!!! She's awesome and fitting in very well. She whines a fair bit when a favorite person is not in the room. Need to work on that, but all in good time. Good mannered overall.

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