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Suna aka Gypsy came into rescue from a local home where she was loved but destined to live outside. They made the decision to place her where she could be part of the family. Suna, Mr. Red, and Mr. Black all had a great time in foster care with the Dowdell big dogs. It did not take long for a forever family to find her. Anna and family adopted Krew from us in January 2010 and when their cherished V Suzi passed away they wanted to add another dog to their pack. Suna was the perfect choice for an active family with hunting dogs. Suna is a Vizsla x Pointer mix from a local litter recently advertised.

Nov 2010, Anna reports: "she is a keeper!". She is confident and independent but also knows when to back down from the older dogs. Krew loves her and she is giving him a run for his money! She will get to play with all the dogs, learn to hunt and she gets to go to work with mom. Anna is busy puppy proofing everything - I forgot how much they get in to EVERYTHING so I have to make sure even the pens and pencils are put away! Have fun with your little tsunami tidal wave of energy.

Jan 2011: Here are some photos of the darling little thing. She is doing so great and has changed a lot in the last few weeks, she is becoming more accustomed to us and her surroundings and she is a thousand times more affectionate. She is loving and gives kisses all day, when she wakes up next to us in the morning she crawls across both of us with her legs straight out behind her and gives everyone big licks and nuzzles our necks. She is a very happy little dog and we just love her so much. The other reds love her too, she and Krew were made for each other and you can tell they were just meant to be together.

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