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Ida Red was about 10 weeks old when she was found wandering the streets of Boise, ID and never claimed in December 1999. She earned her name from that horrible shelter smell. Penny and Frank in ID fostered this girl and had quite the scare. They had to leave town on 1/9/2000 and took her to visit friends for the weekend. She fell ill and was taken to the emergency vet, recovered some, but was ill again on Tuesday 1/11/2000. She was given a Parvo test and tested mildly positive so she was put into isolation and started on an expensive drug therapy ($600+). She came through like a trooper and the vet called and asked Penny to come get her as she was happily chewing into shreds the IV tubes.

Ida Red, formerly known as Stinkpot and Stinky, was adopted by Mary Kaye and Don and is happily playing with her doggie family in Seattle, WA. Mary Kaye was in Boise on business and had the chance to meet Ida Red. Who could not fall in love with her and those beautiful eyes. Don has the luck to work from home so he is training Ida to be a wonderful little girl. Ida is now watched over by Sara a V mix and Sammy a lab mix -- and of course Mary Kaye and Don. We want to especially thank the Vizslas & Vittles Cookbook project and the Vizsla Club of America for helping with medical bills.

2/2001 update - In December Ida's good friend and mentor, Sammy, went to the Rainbow Bridge. Mary Kaye and Don knew it was a long shot to find another puppy in rescue but called Rebecca anyway to tell her the sad news about Sammy and see if we had any dogs available for them. Call it coincidence, destiny or whatever you like but just a week earlier we had taken in an 8-wk old Vizsla/Irish Setter mix puppy. In Jan 2001 Ida got a little brother, Bailey, and now she is the mentor. Thirteen year old Sara and the cats are all glad Ida is there to keep Bailey entertained and teach him proper respect for his elders.

2/2005 update - This was a rough winter season for Ida Red and her family. Ida's friend, Sara, passed away in Nov 2004 at the wonderful age of 16 yrs. Then in January, as the family was adjusting to life without Sara, Ida was diagnosed with SARDS (Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome) and went blind very suddenly. Mary Kaye & Don have graciously agreed to share their story in the hopes that it might help others facing similar obstacles. Click here to read more.

August 2005: Ida Red lost her battle with cancer this month and has joined Sammy, Sara and the others at The Bridge.... and we are sure she will find a never ending supply of frogs to hunt at the pond.

Visit the Photo Gallery for photos of Ida with her family.

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