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Original story: Stella is a 2-yr old purebred vizsla, tail docked, dew claws on. She is a big girl at about 55-lbs and more the bull-in-a-china-shop variety than your dainty vizsla girl. She has a nice temperament, gets along with dogs and we consider her manageable with the right cat in the right circumstances. She is not a hunter. Stella suffers from *possible* separation anxiety and needs a home who understands her issues and has the patience to work with her so she can live a full and happy life. We feel she will do best in a home with another more settled dog and, while she is okay with kids, she needs a home free from the distractions of a busy family so a home with no kids is preferred. She needs to be somebody's best friend, prefers to sleep in the bed but will settle on a dog bed beside yours... if you insist (sigh), is a little nervous on car rides but getting better and is not fond of water. She has great recall and would make an awesome hiking buddy. She does need a home experienced with separation anxiety so that her mild issues don't get worse. If you've ever had a sep anx dog you know that love is not enough and Stella needs an owner who can commit to never leaving her alone for longer than she can manage until they've had time to gradually work up to longer periods of time. It's all about the baby steps and, while we as humans know that a quick trip to the grocery store is "only an hour", to a dog who is afraid it can be a lifetime of agony.

Oct 2009, Laurie writes: Stella had a bit of a journey to find her forever home, but along the way everyone she met knew she was a very sweet soul. What they did not know was that early on in her short life someone broke the golden rust rule of Vizslas - they NEED to be with their people. She was left alone for too long and combined with her particularly sensitive nature it was too much for her to accept. Having Brody since June of 2005 who still suffers on rare occasions from separation anxiety we know she may never get over it. Luckily we have a lifestyle that allows us to manage it. Stella joins Snickers, Brody and Ladybug at Wade Lake Vizsla Resort where we all spend our days in a beautiful Montana forest and spend our nights snuggled together under flannel and fleece.

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