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Socks and her siblings could have had a very different ending than the one we hope we can provide for them. A guy in northern Utah has an AKC vizsla and AKC german shorthaired pointer, breeds them each year and tells folks he could register them but would cost more. Last time we checked the AKC is not registering mixed litter pups!!! In any event, he sells them in the paper as hunting dogs and those he cannot sell he shoots. One of his neighbors was asked if they wanted one prior to them being "unsold". They took all of them to keep them safe and they found our rescue group. We don't know their exact age but are guessing they are about 14 weeks old. Tails were docked short like the GSP, dew claws not removed. Redgirl is the biggest of the 3 and the girl in charge. Socks is the smaller girl and has red in her liver coat and a Vizsla color saddle with a white blaze all down her chest. Boy is the smallest and most shy at this point. He is solid liver color with just a tiny white spot under his chin. All 3 are active, inquisitive, playful, interested in everything pups who love to be picked up and cuddled. They melt in your arms and just lay there for rubs and kisses. They have all been only outside up to this point so they are not yet housetrained and are at times shy to go out or come in the sliding glass door or when people walk toward them. They are all learning fast and are being crate trained in foster care.

Update Feb 2003: Ben reports that Socks is sleeping in her crate without a peep and does not seem to miss her brother Ruger Burn too much. She has been going for walks on lead and of course getting belly rubs from all who will give them. One of these days she may have a new name but the present one certainly identifies her well!

Other pups from this litter are

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