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Original story:
Snickers is a 5-1/2 yr old female vizsla, b. 1/17/2002, in need of a new home due to family health issues beyond anyone's control. She has been appropriately indulged and prefers to sleep in the bed, loves kids and gets along with both cats and dogs. By "gets along" we mean she can live with them but she doesn't seem to depend on them or seek them out for play. She is not a needy vizsla and in fact has a bit of an independent streak and doesn't always come to call. She can also climb a 6-ft fence so she needs a home where she can be inside when you aren't home and under voice control when you are home. She is mildly spay incontinent which is easily managed with inexpensive medication. At almost 6 yrs old she has a little arthritis in her rear leg which is manageable with pain meds as needed. We are told she was hunted when she was younger and she does appear to have a lot of bird drive but has not been evaluated for hunting.

Nov 2007: Snickers' foster home is now her forever home! She joins Brody and Ladybug at Wade Lake. The squirrels, chipmunks, birds and fish are in for a big surprise, as she is a hunting queen. She puts on the miles on our daily hikes, comes home to couch space and a fleece blanket, good eats and her space in bed at night. Lots of play, lots of love, never without the company of her new family.

Oct 2009: This month the redheaded greeting committee at Wade Lake grew by one when Stella joined the crew.

Jan 2010, Laurie & Dave write: The red kids usually don't all sit on the same couch in case a meteor were to strike that exact spot, one would survive. But here they are letting down their guard.

Jul 2016: Snickers made the most of every day of her life but at 14-1/2 years she finally succumbed to what was likely lymphoma. Here's to a life well lived chasing scents and critters in the Montana mountains. Thanks Laurie & Dave for giving Snicks a great life and allowing her to beleive she was in charge of the whole show. She owned her own world and she lived all of it. (Visit Snickers at The Bridge.)

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