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Simon can thank his lucky stars that a whole series of events lined up in an amazing pattern to get him to his home in ID. Carol Olson from Alaska took in a Vizsla that had been adopted out of a shelter by a family that soon learned that they had a bundle of energy they were not prepared for. They put an ad in the paper and Carol's husband called. They found out they worked in the same office building. Simon went to live with Carol's family and her zoo of 10 dogs but she felt Simon deserved his own family. When Simon was ready for a home she posted to the Vizsla Talk list on March 8, 2000. UT/ID rescue had just received an application from a home that seemed like a perfect match except for the distance. We sent a message to Sarah about Simon, she contacted Carol within minutes and a match was made in just a few hours. And to further amaze us Carol, was flying into Salt Lake on her way to a dog show so Simon hitched a ride with her on March 15 from AK to UT. We picked him up at the airport and he spent a couple of days in Salt Lake with us and then hitched another ride. A fellow from SLC had adopted a rescue GSP who was on his way to get his dog in Boise said he was glad to give Simon a ride to his new home. This is our favorite story about area cooperation - the perfect home and perfect timing. Simon is now happily playing with Sarah & Jerry and his V/lab buddy Jesse.

Jan 2013: I wanted to let you know that my sweet, silly boy was let go on 1/7/2013. His back legs stopped working for him and I could no longer control his pain to make him comfortable. He was a wonderful companion for 13 years and has left a hole in my life and household. I will miss and love him fore ever more. I am sure that as this loss gets further behind me I will want to add a new menber to my life, so if you have any dogs that you would like to let me know about I would appreciate it. Visit Simon at The Bridge.

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