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Shooter was born Nov 2002, sire Rincon's Rusty Pointer and dam Princess Leaha Von Rincon. He was owner released in December 2005 after he snapped at a teenager in the home. He had reportedly been getting testy with the kids and another intact dog in the home and they thought it best to rehome him. Shooter is a good hunter, a little shy meeting strangers but warms up quickly to other dogs and is good with cats and livestock.

Jan 2006: His new dad is an avid hunter and had been looking for a second vizsla to add to his *pack* which included a 10-mo vizsla named Kimba, mini-daschie named Franki, various cats and horses. Shooter was a perfect fit and, after being a little cautious at the meeting in Umatilla, quickly made himself comfortable in the pack once they arrived home. John reports he is doing well and that his list of favorite foods includes sirloin steak and avocados. Live large and hunt well, Shooter!

Feb 2006: Just an update on Shooter. He now weighs 55 lbs. very healthy and what a nose for pheasant this little guy has. He is a very quiet dog generally speaking but also very protective of Sue and I. He is still a little afraid of other people but seems to warm up well when "properly introduced". We went down to one of the local pheasant preserves near the Coeur D'Alene Indian Rez and he hunted and pointed birds all morning and really seemed to enjoy it, he enjoyed it even more when I actually hit the birds I was shooting at so he could retrieve them. I've been working him down in the Mica Creek area south of town so he won't work too far out and he's doing very well on that.

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