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Shasta's story: Shasta is a 2 yo Vizsla mix. Her mom is an AKC V and dad a golden or lab. She was kept kenneled with little human contact and produced 2 litters. She is spayed, has all shots and is housetrained. She is as sweet as can be and will sit still as long as you would like to pet her. Is very quiet in the house - not very active even outside, although I expect her energy level will increase as she feels more comfortable. She is very very gentle and needs someone that will be just as gentle. Her favorite thing is to just nap on the dog bed. She sleeps in her crate at night but isn't crazy about it. Gets along great with other dogs but was afraid of the cat. Longer than V fur on her body but is a single coat. The biggest problem is her lack of confidence. She is building self-esteem but needs someone that will be very patient. We have found it best to let her discover things in her own time frame -- not forcing her into anything. She is at times a counter surfer and a chewer, and has a tendency to bolt out doors. She is too frightened to come when called but when I call and then walk away she will follow me. This girl needs a quiet place to find love and a life outside of breeding and a kennel.

Shasta was adopted in December and made a new friend on her ride from Salt Lake to CA. A friend of the family was out this direction and offered to give her a ride all the way home to Joanne and Bruce. Joanne reports that Shasta is a doll who they adore. She is getting comfortable on walks and even going to the beach to test out the water. Shasta loves belly rubs, not pats, but rubs! She enjoys sleeping on her doggie bed, and loves the "budda" stuffed animal that "grunts" but not the one that "squeaks". Thanks Joanne and Bruce for taking in our momma dog who had such a rough start to life. We are sure that she will return to you twice every ounce of love you give -- but you will have to hire your own masseuse to get back those belly rubs.

Update Sep 02, Joanne writes: It's our 9 month anniversary with Shasta! She feels like such a part of us it's hard to imagine how we survived without her before. She continues to bring pure joy and love to our home. Attached are a few recent pictures.

She really loves our nightly jogs around the neighborhood. Her tail is "happy" and she prances by our side. We now take her to an off-leash dog beach about 1-2 times a week and "let her fly". And boy, can she run fast! Bruce and I space ourselves out about 50 yards and call her back and forth. She is still leery of the water, but she will now "leap" over the tiny beach foam and venture in to about her elbows, as long as we accompany her. She is used to some of the neighborhood dogs and approaches them happily. When we jog her on the beach, she approaches about 50% of the dogs we pass, and veers away from about 50%... doggie intuition? She is getting so vocal with her groans which is adorable. Usually, if she is tired and the TV is too loud for her or we are moving around too much, she will let out a groan. Or if she is really relaxed and comfortable, she groans loud and long. But she has only barked 4 times since we've had her. Rest assured, she is spoiled rotten, as she should be!

Shasta is mother to Cody, Libbie, Hogan and Cedar.

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